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    It depends on the style of the house, but most houses can be renovated to include a porch that establishes a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living or to include a sunroom that fills generously with daylight and fresh air provided by numerous windows and glass doors. Renovation or remodeling existing spaces can bring back lost charm and convert the space into a more useful one, thus increasing the value of the house and deserves as much attention as building a new addition.
    Porches are already present in the homes of many homeowners, particularly those with older houses. Sometimes, a porch will just require some repair due to neglect. As with any other room in your house, a porch can be redecorated, remodeled, expanded, or otherwise altered, just like any other room in your house. In order to transform a porch, you may have to do anything from re-paint it to completely rebuilding it. Adding a screen to an open porch is not as costly as you might think, and if you intend to use the porch three seasons a year, you can install glass above it. A four-season sunroom involves better insulation and greater heating needs than a porch, so it's a bit more difficult and more expensive to convert a porch into a sunroom.
    A deck is an excellent candidate for conversion into a sunroom. The vast majority of suburban residences have this open-air platform which is often only accessible during specific times of the year depending on the season. Converting a deck into a three-season porch or into a sunroom increases the number of days you may be inclined to spend there, enjoying the outdoors. With a three-season porch, you can enjoy the shade and fresh air in the summer without sacrificing ventilation. When winter comes, you can retreat to your sunroom and stay warm and cozy. You can build a porch or sunroom as a complement to your deck if there is enough space on the property. You may be able to convert your deck, however, if your options are limited.
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